The word ‘normal’ never sat well with me growing up. I like to think of myself as a happy person. I smile a lot. I find joy in studying hard, in accomplishing goals and in helping others I cross paths with along the way. Whether it was homework, sports, fashion and even playing ‘snakes and ladders’ with Kate and my parents at the age of six, I always wanted to stand out. Now – all I want is even just a hint of ‘normal’!
This blog will consist of many things but asking for sympathy is not one of them. I’ve come a long way since my diagnosis and it’s simply a way for me to express my thoughts when they are no longer simple. It’s a way to give my friends and family a more in-depth understanding of Crohn’s disease and how it has altered my life and the person I am now in many ways (without the awkward conversation). It will break your stereotypes, allow you to take a walk in my shoes and if nonetheless, it will be a nice read.
*SIDE NOTE: I am not a writer. I am not working towards an English degree and I’d like to think of this as more of a journal. Yes – my thoughts may be scrambled and therefore my writing may be too, but frankly the picture below is not only relevant for my digestive system but my life as well.