What A Night Out Consists Of For A University Student With Crohn’s

Going to Western University, it’s been somewhat of a challenge to act like the ‘normal Western student’ as others would say. There is a bar event you can attend every single night of the week. Now I believe you need a good night out every once in a while to remain sane but living with Crohn’s, the process of going out no longer just consists of figuring out how I’m going to do my hair or what I’m going to wear or if I can borrow my roommates black booties for like the 5th time in a row. It’s not that those things aren’t important… It’s just no longer a “look good – feel good” type of thing.

In fact, it’s not just going to the bar that causes me stress – it’s restaurants and other events too.

Where are we going?

What food is being served?

Will I even be able to eat it?

Should I eat before I go so that I don’t starve?

*Mental note: spot the nearest bathroom the minute you arrive

What am I going to wear? The jeans I bought two weeks ago no longer fit.

Painkillers? Where are my painkillers? I’ll need them tomorrow!

Where did I put my medical bracelet again?

Is my phone charged?

Ugh, is this even a good idea?

Do I really feel well enough for this?

Maybe I just shouldn’t go?


But I can’t “act my age”.

20 Things I’ve Learned From Living With A Chronic Illness Before I Turned 20


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